DR^2Track: Towards Real-Time Visual Tracking for UAV via Distractor Repressed Dynamic Regression


Visual tracking has yielded promising applications with unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). In literature, the advanced discriminative correlation filter (DCF) type trackers generally distinguish the foreground from the background with a learned regressor which regresses the implicit circulated samples into a fixed target label. However, the predefined and unchanged regression target results in low robustness and adaptivity to uncertain aerial tracking scenarios. In this work, we exploit the local extreme points of the response map generated in the detection phase to automatically locate current distractors. By repressing the response of distractors in the regressor learning, we can dynamically and adaptively alter our regression target to leverage the tracking robustness as well as adaptivity. Substantial experiments conducted on three challenging UAV benchmarks demonstrate both the excellent performance and extraordinary speed (∼50fps on a cheap CPU) of our tracker.

In Proceedings of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Las Vegas, USA, pp.1597-1604, 2020.

DR2Track_workflow Overall work-flow of DR^2Track.

Changhong Fu
Associate Professor